In response to Brian Tamaki’s recent sermon, an Incedo member felt compelled to put pen to paper…..or key to screen.


In the wake of the quake
only my head is still shaking
my brain shakes an aches
and my eyes roll
for brian has said
out loud
what thought
never be thought
let alone spoken

rapping in his tax free britches
rapping an raping the holy scriptures
a gay kiss
says the book of
will bring a house down

my head shakes
and my fist shakes too
for faulty fault lines are not queer crimes yo
how dare you associate
your blind hate
with my gay mates
already torn under the weight
of judgement an decree
split from soul and sexuality

great after shock jock
you are not the great I am
your off the richter of sham
yeah I want to apologise for you
to my brothers an sisters
who wear the rainbow hue
on tv an radio and on the news
that what you do is
is just sad silly voodoo

the god you paint in colours black
I don’t want a bar of it
I wouldn’t want to drink in that establishment
it’ would be too
cold and the beer on tap
too warm

god is love and love alone

….my neck hurts.