Dehydrated Gospel

The Dehydrated Gospel is the first in a series of 3 books, written as DG_11-660x1024part of Incedo’s journeuy away from the evangelicalism that marked our 60-year history as Youth for Christ. Confronting the reality that much of our theology and practise had failed to produce a vibrant, healthy, ‘Body of Christ’, resulted in a bold attempt to find a new way forward.

But why The Dehydrated Gospel?

Because that’s what it feels like – as though someone sucked the essence out of the Good News and shrivelled it up. Rather than biblical imagery like ‘fountains of living water’ the contemporary gospel seems closer to ‘parched lands’. How on earth did God’s great story get to this? More importantly, can anything be done about it? What might the good news, that is central to the life of Jesus, look loke in the 21st century. The Dehydrated Gospel explores how a bigger, and more generous Gospel might shape our faith journey.

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