Profile: Hannah Bruce

Each month we ask a member of Incedo a few simple questions and get them to share a clip/book/song/movie/artwork/website that’s caught their eye. This month we ask Hannah Bruce the questions.



1. What is one thing you love that takes your my time regularly?
I love cooking and I really enjoy writing. I think there is something beautiful in the cutting, scribbling, preparing that is relaxing and naturally creative.

2. If you could throw caution in the wind you would?
I’d spend time decorating a place, starting a bed and breakfast, and having as a place people could come and truly relax. I’d also hop on a plane and travel the world, spending time experiencing different cultures, foods, and ways of life (South America, Bhutan, Egypt & the Middle East are on my list).

3. Your ultimate dinner guest would be?
At the moment it would be Jamie Oliver, I’d love to have him come over and talk about hosting people, eating good food, and how to encourage others to find freedom playing in the kitchen. I would also love to hear his thoughts on how to reconnect the next generation with natural foods and growing it themselves.

4. Something that would surprise us about you?
I learnt the piano for 6 years and the flute for 7 years, I also sang solos at Christmas eve services accompanied by my Dad (on the organ).

5. Do you have abs? (prove it!!!)
Yes, everyone has abs…lol. I can hold a plank for over 90 seconds.

6. What is your top Jesus verse/story/quote?
Um… right now, I’m tossing up two: Jesus chatting to the Woman at the well (this casual conversation that shows compassion, stepping across social norms yet there is grace in the story) and the other is when the women who has been bleeding for Reyes is healed by touching Jesus’s robe (it has this strength in it, that you sometimes see in older people, as she just does it, even though she was pretty much making all the men in the crowd including Jesus unclean. Yet, Jesus, in his grace recognises her.)

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