Social Enterprise Bed & Breakfast

“Social enterprises are businesses whose primary purpose is the common good. They use the methods and disciplines of business and the power of the marketplace to advance their social, environmental and human justice agendas.”
Social Enterprise Alliance, USA

Arcadia Bed & Breakfast is a social enterprise venture. In practice this means employing staff that would not normally get work, paying them a living wage. Youth on the margins or Idea Services clients are the types of young people we’d be looking to employ. It’s about creating work and training opportunities for young people in need of a hand up.

The other side of the social enterprise is that it’s financially sustainable. Money is made through the running of the business, meaning little need to rely for funding and grants. Our hope it that Arcadia Bed & Breakfast becomes cost neutral. The future dream is that the business returns a profit that would be distributed to other innovative mission initiatives.



It will also incorporate our charity and creativity values, being made available at cost or even free to groups Incedo wants to serve. Groups that would not normally get the opportunity from Jesus followers.  In practice this might mean giving the Women’s Refuge, Migrant Services or Rainbow Youth a free staff weekend away. Incedo people would host and serve those staying, providing meals and a special hospitable experience.

But wait there’s more! We’ve only mentioned the Bed & Breakfast. There’s also a long term accommodation wing. This is a separate space for people needing accommodation for a week, month or year. They can arrive with the clothes on their back and everything except food is provided. This will be a safe space for residents, some of whom are in transition, or for whatever reason are fragile and in need of a homely, supportive environment for a short or long time.

A website, online booking system, 0800 number and plenty more is in development. Stay tuned!



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