Our Values

Pronouncing the name right is half the battle.  The other half is understanding what we’re about.  It’s easier actually to know the values our existence as a faith community is based on …as those values are what drives us as Incedo.

As followers of Jesus he is prime position. The One. We attempt to follow and imitate Him. We attempt to be authentic  – living what we believe. We look for Jesus in expected and unexpected places and people.

We are privileged to serve with the servant Jesus, discovering the dream of God unfolding, sharing it together like a fine wine.  Service is the harakeke weaved through our journey….our context for engagement within our communities.

He Tangata! We are committed to the God given dignity of all people.  People are sacred –  more important than projects or programmes. We are about developing others and ourselves as whole people. We respect all cultures, genders, faiths and orientations at all our gatherings and events, acknowledging –  Te Tiriti o Waitangi.

Charity or Caritas originally  meant more than giving or generosity, it’s about the giving of your whole life –  “And now these three remain faith, hope, charity,  but the greatest of these is charity”. We generously commit all we have, donating our lives to others in the spirit of empowerment and choosing a lifestyle marked by simplicity.

We honour our creator with the best of our expression, cultivating a spirit of creativity & innovation. We have the freedom to experiment & innovate. What could go wrong ?

To come