What He Said

A play according to the book of John.

Written and directed by Ross Millar, the inspired poet and theatresport theatric. Ross has written this play for Hamilton and beyond… and just because… because maybe its some of the best material known to history!



What He Said is a bioplay – featuring the miracles and legendary life of Jesus Christ. 25 short scenes – performed fast and furious – illuminate the confounding peacemaker and prophet. What HE said is spun by a cast of local acting misfits performing rhyming couplet, frenetic alliteration and something akin to Dr Seuss on multiple stages.

Writer Ross Millar is a member of Incedo and is well known in Hamilton improv theatre circles, finished the play around 1999.

“I was inspired by reading medieval Mystery Plays where whole villages would put on a play encompassing the whole Bible story. Different guilds taking different scenes. That’s a theme in this play.  Different groups take responsibility for different scenes/styles, then they all join together for other scenes.  I was also inspired by Molière’s rhymes, and medieval poetry. My fave is a thirteenth century poem Pearl which was brilliantly translated by none other than JRR (Tolkein).  The poetry I like best is often translated. Bit like this play – some of it is translation too. It’s a mash-up of styles but it all fits together.”  

Dave White,  Incedo community worker,  says

 “I think the play takes what would be considered seriously religious subject matter and through the poetic lines and brilliant imagination of Ross –  makes it totally worth making it come to life on stage. A resurrection of a dusty old play sitting as a word file on his computer  –  a perfect Easter analogy –  and Hamilton will be spoilt for it”. 

Brilliant… and you can’t download it or YouTube it.

One season only! Cheap as too. Limited Seats. Cafe Agora doors open from 6pm with their fab range of drinks and cabinet menu for purchase. Live music. Make a night of it.

Cafe Agora
13 Kent St

Sunday 29th March to Friday 3rd April 2015

Doors open from 6.00pm
Refreshments available for purchase

$8 per head / $5 for kids under 13
Pre purchase tickets at Cafe Agora

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